Dimitri Kaliviotis was born in Montreal in 1978 and was mostly raised in Athens Greece. At the age of seventeen he returned to Montreal, where he studied Design Art and focused his efforts on creating functional artworks. After his studies he worked for ten years making physical models for American cinema productions.

It is these very years that give him the chance to explore human relations, but also to cultivate and grow his means of expression. Upon closing his circle of endeavors with the cinema industry -determined to channel his creativity exclusively to visual art forms-, he returns to Athens Greece and opens an art studio, applying his knowledge and skills in the field of fine arts.

In 2010 he starts teaching and is currently a head lecturer in two local institutions. Today, Dimitri Kaliviotis mainly produces works of fine art and takes part in exhibitions and contests. In 2016, “The Feeling of Τhought ” on the island of Lefkas from where he descends, was his first solo exhibition and was deemed a critical success.


Dec 2016, “Dada Siegt”  / group exhibition at Kaplanon5, Athens, Greece

Oct 2016,  “Unconscious Playground” / group exhibition at Bouziani Museum in Athens, Greece

Aug 2016, “The Feeling of Thought” / solo exhibition (painting and sculpture) in Lefkada, Greece

Oct 2013, “Visual Storytelling”  / group exhibition at Vrisaki in Athens, Greece

Oct 2012, “ready mades – assemblage”  / group exhibition at Pop-Up 123 in Athens, Greece

Oct 2011, “Doodling”  / group exhibition at Art4more in Athens, Greece