Lefkada 2

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  • Painting/Drawing: Pastel on Wood | 50cm x 100cm

    The famous “Μύλοι”(mills) at “Αϊ Γιάννης”(St. John) Beach in Lefkada island. This was an attempt to show movement which gives the piece an extra flavor of expressionism. It was exhibited in Lefkada (“The Feeling of Thought” 23/08 – 01/09) and was sold during that time.

    Part of an on-going study that attempts to visualy unify subject and space. A structuralist approach with impressionist, cubist and expressionist aspects mixed together. Through fragmentation and overlapping, there is transparency which leads to a visual and conceptual unity. Even though it’s representational and done with a drawing plan, rendering the surface feels close to automatism. The surface texture is made with parameters in mind but is also spontaneous and chaotic; rules are broken as a rule. No boundaries, just line and colour, drawing and painting, feeling and logic.