Lefkada 1

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  • Painting/Drawing: Pastel on Paper / 68cm x 67cm

    An alley on the island of Lefkada. My fathers side of the family is from there and I spent many summers and easters on this Ionian island. The islanders describe life in the city of Lefkas as living in a conservative and overbearing maze, where the sun and sky are hard to feel.  Lefkada 1 depicts an alley that leads to the open and out of that “maze”. Many lefkadians eventualy left the city but return to it often, filled with nostalgia. What they describe with great enthusiasm is the feeling of euphoria just as they got out in the open and out of the “maze” on a bright summer day.  To some Lefkadians this painting expresses the feelings just before that impending euphoric escape in to the open.

    Part of an on-going study that attempts to conceptually unify subject and space. A structuralist approach with impressionist, cubist and expressionist aspects mixed together. Through fragmentation and overlapping, there is transparency which leads to a visual unity. Even though it’s representational and done with a drawing plan, rendering the surface feels close to automatism. The surface texture is made with parameters in mind but is also spontaneous and chaotic; rules are broken as a rule. No absolute boundaries, just line and colour, drawing and painting, feeling and thought.