Follow The Magic Box

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  • Sculpture: Wood painted with enamels, and found object / 23cm x 21cm x 11cm

    When I use my dremel… bits and pieces fly and get ground off… I also make tests with odds and ends… This piece probably contains pieces from every major work I’ve done prior to it. Can you mold it? not really.. Can you 3D print it? You can only try…

    -When he was a little child, he had, a magic box. Now the little magic box, has in it, a magic child.

    -Few things came easy. Other things came hard.

    Would hard things transform by just doing the easy things well?

    He practised it, he studied it, worshiped it and followed it all the way to his future. Many homes later… Still saturated by the box, or maybe the other way around. Suddenly, there was no way back and no mechanism to move forward.